As I mentioned in the About page, I love programming, so I do it all day, every day. I have been able to successfully combine a full time developer job, with personal and freelance projects. I like to keep myself busy all the time. I'm a very committed, responsible person, and I'm great with communication and people in general. I learn fast and I've dealt with all kind of technical problems.

I know when to ask for help, I'm not afraid to say "I don't know" when I have to, and quickly get up to speed. You can read what people who has hired me and I've worked with say about my work in the testimonials page.

I'm honest about my estimates and work hard to deliver on time, always. My rates are flexible, it will depend on the kind of problem to solve and the amount of research to be done.

I can work on an hourly rate or given a well described project with a very well defined scope, we can negotiate a fixed price or even a percentage of what an app generates.

As communication tools, I usually work with either Skype or Google Hangouts. For project tracking, I like the simplicity of Trello (that's what I use for my personal projects), but I like Jira as well. I'm used to work under Agile methodologies, and I firmly believe that constant communication is the key to success, showing progress frequently.

All the code I produce is in Bitbucket, at the end of the project, my client will own the repository. I'll also be happy to help in the publication process of the app in the stores (Google Play, Amazon, App Store, etc).

If you have an idea that you want to see become a reality, contact me.