Mobile Development

I've always been interested in mobile development, ever since I got my hands on an old Windows Phone 6 many, many years ago. So that's the direction I want to give to my career. Luckly, we now have Android and iOS. With devices getting more and more sophisticated and also more affordable, millions become users every year. The future is mobile, and sometimes, a responsive website is not enough and you will need to build an application that runs in these devices.


When you build an app, either a game, a service or something for to expose your brand or products, you want a big audience, so you need to target the 2 biggest platforms nowdays: Android and iOS. You can, of course, develop the same app in both platforms natively, but that requires to have two codebases, which means more maintainance and at the end, that translate into costs. There is a better way, meet: hybrid mobile development.

With hybrid development, you have a single codebase that you compile your app into all the platforms and runs natively. For this you need a framework, and the one I've chosen is Ionic Framework, which uses HTML, CSS and Javascript (AngularJS) and allows you to quickly build apps that are beautiful, elegand, and closely resemble the native ones. Ionic gets more and more popular every day, and has been adopted by thousands of developers all over the world. It integrates easily with a huge number of plugins that give you a great deal of functionality to the devices hardware: camera, gps, microphone, etc.

I have nothing against native development, I've done a few native apps myself, but I see a trend and it points to hybrid development.

There is also game development, which is a hobby I have, so far, only simple puzzle and memory games, but hopefully will get better ones soon. For that, you can also do hybrid development and have all the advantages I already described. The framework I've chosen to work with is LibGdx, which is free, open source, and allows you to do a lot with little effort.

I find game development very challenging, you need to solve complex problems in an efficient way, even for the simplest of games.

I also have experience in monetizing apps with Admob (both on Ionic and Libgdx) and creating campaigns to promote apps either on Admob itself or Facebook.

Visit my Portfolio of apps to see what I've done with the technologies I described. And come back from time to time, because the list will grow.