Check out what people who has either worked with me or hired me for freelance projects has to say.

I have worked with Jeudy for several years. He is one of those rare software developers who can do anything, seriously. Complexity does not scare him. He’s highly educated and has a couple masters degrees. He not only implements software solutions with zero defects, he also finds creative and repeatable patterns that can be used on future development projects. One of the best I have ever worked with.

Cary Peele
CEO aPriori Nearshore


We hired Jeudy Blanco to do some complex Python development based on personal referrals and glad we did.  He worked with us for an enterprise CRM product startup client of in Austin, TX, and Jeudy proved to be a great technical and general asset. We would recommend Jeudy as a highly experienced lead developer.

Boris Portman
CEO, SalsaMobi


Jeudy is a delight to work with. We have worked together for over a year at MapMyFitness and I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy working with Jeudy and rely on him as a technical and subject area expert.

Jeudy helped bring me up to speed as he has been with MapMyFitness much longer than me. In our year as teammates, he has on-ramped and lead three other new hires on our team as well. Jeudy believes in clear communication and documentation which I believe contribute to his success as a leader.

Jeudy is great to manage. He is the kind of person that you can give an ambiguous project to and he will uncover the details. You can give him something technically complex or out of his wheelhouse and he will research and master it. You can also give him something less-glamourous and he will kindly (and quickly) oblige as he is both humble and believes in being a good teammate.

Jeudy has strong skills in Python, Django, MongoDB, MySQL, Javascript to name a few

Jessica McCay
Backend Software Engineer at Under Armour Connected Fitness


Our company, Multiple Media headquartered in Montreal, Canada, has worked with Jeudy Blanco in several projects of web development, mainly in Java technology. Jeudy is an efficient and responsible professional, attentive to respect deadlines and specifications, and deliver quality results. In addition, he is a very nice person with whom the communication is carried out smoothly and effectively to ensure the project's success.

Miriam Berro
QA Manager
Multiple Media Inc.


A solid professional, with impressive technical skills, and who knows how to get things done

Victor Fung
Co Founder Aplitec CR