A carpooling platform for Costa Rica. Connecting drivers and passengers that travel to the same destination to share gas costs and reduce the numbers of vehicles in the streets.


Digital control of visitor to condominiums, companies and educational institutions. With our app, security officers don't have to use paper registering visitors, instead, they use a modern platform where all the information is secure in the cloud, available realtime.


We are a software development company based in Costa Rica. We like to create innovative digital products for the web and mobile.

Our company is commited to the environment that's why we also work on solutions that help lower the carbon impact of modern life, like PaChepe, our carpooling solution that helps in reducing the number of cars in the streets, or CRGate, our app to control and log visitors to facilities and reduce the use of paper.

We are advocates of open source software, that's why all of our products are developed using Linux and open source tools such as IonicFramework, Angular and Godot Engine.

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